Update from Pastor Lynn Leonard

May 23, 2020


Dear All,


We live in a time where things seem to be constantly changing and there is constant disagreement as to how we move forward.  This is because on so many levels, we just don't know.  But, this we do know and trust - Christ is with us and will always be!  We are called to embrace his presence and to be his living presence in our world.


Update...if all continues to progress as we hope we will be gathering together for worship on June 21.  We already have folks working on making our worship and worship space safe for all of us.  Some of us will be comfortable in coming back.  Others may not be ready to do so for a while.  AND THAT IS OK!  We will continue to live stream our services.  We will also continue our liturgy and worship service with Peggy and Charlie, our Wed evening Bible study with Pastor Rick, our prayer time at 6 pm on Sat and our streaming and zoom meetings with our kids and youth.  Administrative meetings are happening via zoom and our Feeding the Hungry and Food Pantry are meeting the needs of so many.  Calls and cards are being sent out. AA meetings are happening. In other words, St. Luke's UMC is not closed - we are just doing our ministries in a different way.  God is empowering us and leading us during this time!   God is good!


Again, we will resume onsite worship as soon as it is safe to do so.  I understand the impatience - but it is so important.  We are being given amazing guidance and wisdom from our conference, for which I am most thankful!  If you have any questions, please give me a call, text, email.


Today is a beautiful day - find some time to go outside and embrace that beauty.  Know that Christ is with you and His church. 


Love and Peace to you all in Christ's name!

Pastor Lynn

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