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Building Shared Use

St. Luke's is happy to share facilities for a variety of needs. We do ask that you:
Contact the church via email to see if we have space available.
Our email for shared space is: 

Please understand that we do not allow alcohol in any building, or on the property. And no smoking or vaping in the buildings. 
Long-Term Shared Space 
We have large rooms on the second and third floors that are available on a
long-term use basis. If you are a non-profit organization or group looking for several rooms that can be used for ministry and/or office space, please contact
St. Luke's at 

We will be happy to tour the building with you
to see if our space suits your needs. 

First floor rooms

First floor rooms

If you would like to discuss having a wedding at
St. Luke's United Methodist Church 
please email:

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